Monday, November 3, 2014


Lilah is at the funniest age. She is so full of spunk, runs everywhere, and bosses the boys around like she's 10 years old. Her favorite buddy is "Doomer" and she wakes up in the mornings saying, "Doomer...I coming!!".

We do devotions every morning and after our bible story, Fin and Cole will each say a little prayer of their own. We've let Lilah start saying her own prayer which basically consists of her moving her lips with no noise coming out for an indefinite amount of time and then her proudly shouting "'Men!". It takes a lot for the boys and I not to laugh out loud during this time.
The problem is is after her little prayer she gets Furious when it's the next boys turn. She takes it personally and runs full speed yelling at them, "no, no, NO!". I've instructed the boys to just ignore her and I correct her saying she has to take turns but she is pretty persistent. Last week she was so mad at Cole for praying after her that she started yanking his Crocs off of him mid-prayer,causing him to fall of the couch. We died laughing at that and she was still SO mad. Apparently other peoples prayers offend her :)

The other day I heard her little voice in my closet saying, "help me! Help me!" And I found her stuck in my nursing bra that was hanging from the closet door. She was trying to escape and it kept pulling her back like a slingshot :)

While she has just as much spunk as the boys did at this age, she has her own sassy flair too and she cracks all of us up daily. I have to tell the boys to not let her boss them bc it's not good for her to think she's in charge of the world.
How we ever loved without our Lilah, I have no idea.

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