Monday, November 3, 2014


Lilah is at the funniest age. She is so full of spunk, runs everywhere, and bosses the boys around like she's 10 years old. Her favorite buddy is "Doomer" and she wakes up in the mornings saying, "Doomer...I coming!!".

We do devotions every morning and after our bible story, Fin and Cole will each say a little prayer of their own. We've let Lilah start saying her own prayer which basically consists of her moving her lips with no noise coming out for an indefinite amount of time and then her proudly shouting "'Men!". It takes a lot for the boys and I not to laugh out loud during this time.
The problem is is after her little prayer she gets Furious when it's the next boys turn. She takes it personally and runs full speed yelling at them, "no, no, NO!". I've instructed the boys to just ignore her and I correct her saying she has to take turns but she is pretty persistent. Last week she was so mad at Cole for praying after her that she started yanking his Crocs off of him mid-prayer,causing him to fall of the couch. We died laughing at that and she was still SO mad. Apparently other peoples prayers offend her :)

The other day I heard her little voice in my closet saying, "help me! Help me!" And I found her stuck in my nursing bra that was hanging from the closet door. She was trying to escape and it kept pulling her back like a slingshot :)

While she has just as much spunk as the boys did at this age, she has her own sassy flair too and she cracks all of us up daily. I have to tell the boys to not let her boss them bc it's not good for her to think she's in charge of the world.
How we ever loved without our Lilah, I have no idea.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Early Fall Happenings

Between getting used to being dog owners....and loving it, we've been...

Keeping our snapping practice. Can't stop, won't stop.

Trying on our first tutu from Nanny.

Visiting the Farmers Market for our annual pumpkin visit with the Arnolds. Boy did I miss my Fin boy that day!

Snuggling with dad where shirts are optional.

And hanging out with cousins waiting on Baby Charlie to get here. Any day now and these babies won't be the babies of the family anymore...

Grandma's 60th

Last week we celebrated Denise turning 60 at Crowder Park. We grilled out, the kids all played on scooters, counted turtles, and caught crickets with Pat. It was a great evening to celebrate her and in true Denise fashion, she brought all the kids little pumpkins from Trader Joes that were all painted into cute faces. Cole's Bear pumpkin pretty much made his life :o) Great time with family!

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Sooooo we got a dog..

Oh Boomer. I swore I wouldn't do it. I said NO WAY until our fence was complete and everyone in the house was potty trained. But in the end, I was the one who found and brought Boomer into our home. And I even might love him the most.
I saw on Facebook that a friend was giving away theyre 11 month Golden Doodle puppy and it stuck with me. Part of the reason I haven't agreed to a dog and I seriously cannot abide shedding. Like I will die if I sit on my own couch and get up covered in dog hair. Baby throw up, fine. A mushed banana, Not suprising. But dog hair...oh the injustice.
So when I saw that they were giving away a golden doodle I was interested b/c I know they don't shed. I also know they are ranked like the BEST family dog, and that we would never be able to afford that type of breed. I sent a pic of Pat at work and asked if he liked the look of the dog, totally on a whim. I then emailed my friend and asked if the dog was available for us to try out, but I was sure he wasn't b/c I saw tons of people asking her for him.
She emailed back saying he was available and I headed out the next day with Lilah to pick him up for a trial period.

As soon as the dog hopped out of my car and the boys saw him (they thought we were watching a friends dog for the weekend), I knew this was no trial period.

We all have fallen in love with Boomer. He is such a gentle, fluffy dog and goes everywhere with us. Including carpool :o) Fin loves opening up the door and seeing Boomer sitting in his booster seat.

Boomer loves the kids and follows them wherever they go.

He goes on every walk we go on.

But the person that's fallen the most in love is Ms. Lilah Jane. Ohhhhh she loves this puppy. And tortures him. But I kinda think their love is mutual.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sillies, smooches and teacher workdays

Cole disappeared for 10 seconds in Target and reappeared as this. Oh Target Halloween costumes, you never fail us.

Lilah found this Olaf bucket, shrieked, "SUMMER!!", and took off like a bat out of hell around the store. It's true love.

Fin had a teacher workday Thursday and I looooved pal-ing around town with my three amigos for the day. We played at a playground, met Nanny for lunch, and enjoyed being lazy in our Jammie's.

Wagon rides are her love language.

True loves kiss

Nothing makes me feel like a good mom more then letting them do art projects. THe mess never equals the amount of time spent.

I found Lilah laying on my bathroom floor, rolling around with my open shampoo bottle, singing, "everybody dance now". She's special that one...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Coleys birthday

Pat and I got to sneak away for a little date night at a wedding in September. Beautiful wedding and such a sweet time together.

Whyyyyy do they love morning so. Whyyyyy.

Then this bear decided to turn 4.

Cole has as much personality as you can pack into a 4 year old.

He has high highs and low lows. He expresses everything he is feeling. He will tackle anyone before they go out the door for a "kiss and hug" regardless of how well he knows them. He believes he's a bear and talks fondly of his bear family at the zoo and how he wants to visit them soon. He asks to wear his "bear feet" when he's outside which means he wants to take off his shoes. He's allowed to have one roar every morning when he wakes up and then no more roars for the rest of the day. He is still totally attached to his "blank blank" and can't go to sleep without it. He loves with his whole heart. His Sunday school teacher Ms. Lauren told me that he rubbed her cheek during Sunday School one more morning and looked up to tell her, "But, I wuv you Ms. Lauren". Whenever we leave Nanny's house, he immediately tears up and says how much he will miss Nanny and usually cries the first five minutes of our carride home. I hope he always has a tender heart like this. He's our little lover.

The day before his birthday we dressed up like pirates to get our free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme for pirate day.

It was Coley's year for party and he chose to have a birthday party with my family at Mellow Mushroom. He loves his aunts and Nanny and Pops so much that it was all his favorite people on one room.

Uncle Will with his posse.

Aunt Sarah tracked down a bear bow tie per his request. SO funny. He was thrilled to death.

Pops and Nanny with their grandkids. Only a few more weeks until Charlie is added to the mix...

What our days look like now...

It felt SO weird in the beginning to rewind time and have just a three year old and 1 year old at home. It feels very sweet and slow paced now. I can focus more on Cole and his little likes and dislikes now that there isn't competition between him and Fin for talking time with me. Because boy do they both like to talk...

Carpool lines with Sonic drinks are a pretty regular thing. So is watching Frozen to kill time.

They moved Lilah up to the toddler room the same day Fin went to kindergarten. Because clearly they were trying to kill me.

Legos are his life.